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2.0E Cih Complete Distributer With Ignition-Module Coil Cap & Leads


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as the title 


Looking for a complete Distributer set up for the 2 litre CIH GTE  please


Would like the coil and Ignition-Module with the un-cut leads too

( I know how awkward that final clip in the loom is :wacko:  ! ) 


Posted to Hertfordshire  


Many Thanks         Betty  :rolleyes:




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pulled out the garage ( been there since 2010 )  got it fired up . drove it to workshop ' pre MOT '  

all going lovely .. couple of miles and it cut out . played with earthstrap and fired up . . Pulled over and tightened Earth Terminal on Battery and

earthstrap ... But then could only get it to fire up with the 2p trick . replaced fuel-pump relay today and still need the 2p to get started  


Have discovered I need to buy some parts from Germany for other MOT work now  ...   so its sitting in a warm workshop for the next few weeks    :unsure:

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If it was mine.......

Not exactly helping you but your dizzy and ignition module and coil are fine if it runs on 2P trick and it is normally the injection relay or you unplugged the green wire on the car loom and put the green wire from module direct onto the coil, in that scenario rev counter does not work, fuel pump does not run but you have a spark though injectors typically don't fire so wouldn't run on 2p.

I have a loan dizzy any module I have lent out in the past, but if you car runs on 2p it won't help you as it is not the parts above stopping it.

Ideally feel the injection relay for it to click or use test lamp / volt meter to verify the output from it, also check the 4 wire plug by the heater for burnt (especially blue wire car side IIRC) terminals, also check the fuse box upper and lover terminal when cranking (fuse removed no 2p)

But it is not mine and I recommend nothing......

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