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Should I Buy?

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Hey, new here.

Looking for a daily and I don't mind working on my own car. I've been mainatining and building my self bought e36 from age 15 to college.

Problem is I've turned it into a racecar for the most part and I want to put it away since I've invested so much money in it and dailying coilovers/solid bushings is shortening its lifespan and mine. I've been looking around for something cheap to initially purchase, have enough room to pack away a college students room of stuff, good on gas, and inexpensive to maintain, but I also want something classic, fun, and different.

I put this criteria into craigslist and found a nice 1972 Opel Manta. Runs and drives but needs a clutch replacemnt or adjustment (so it says), and the passenger side floor and small brace on the same side also needs replacing. I don't know exactly what that means, or how much parts are, or where to find them, but I do know that I won't mind getting my own hands dirty.

So is this Opel Manta the car that fits my needs? Is it German robust but chevy cheap to run?

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you can fit your life into a manta hatchback , 

if its an early enough 72 it might be tax exempt .


i prefer the later cars from 82 to 88 ...probably more economical  eg 5 speed box fuel, injection , better suspension, wider rear axle etc etc...


but if you can get that one and its not too rusty where it matters i think it would fulfill your needs .

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Dan, the OP is in the USA, so the tax exemption thing probably won't apply. It'll also be hard to find a Manta Hatch there as they were never imported.


John, the Manta A is a pretty bullet proof car mechanically, but like lots of cars of the period it can suffer from rust. I've no idea what parts availability would be like for them on your side of the pond, but Gil at Opel GT Source in California is probably the person to talk to.




I hope this helps.

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