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Clutch Bolt Strength


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Long story short...have built a 2.2 to replace the 1.9 in My A-series....


Bolts for clutch to flywheel:


On the 1.9 they are 8.8 grade hex bolts, but the clutch kit I have for the 2.2 will only accept socket head screws (SHCS), there isn't enough rom for hex bolts.


The only SHCS I can get are 12.9 grade, but I wonder will they be too hard for the job - ie, they are very strong, but relatively more brittle than 8.8 or 10.9 grade.

I could use a Stainless Steel SHCS, which would have about the same strength as the 8.8 bolts, and would not be brittle, but I'm figuring that the larger clutch

for the 2.2 will likely need a stronger bolt than was used on the 1.9.


Am I thinking too much about it...will the 12.9s be OK to use?






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i don't know weather they would be too brittle,they should not be as long as the clutch springs should releve pressure of shock on the bolts as well as the dowls should take the strain. but the old way of solving power/torque transfer is by adding more dowls in the flywheel and as long as they are balanced then it should be ok.


but hopefully someone will have already either found out by doing it or working it out.

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