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No Spark


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weird issue on my car, went out yesterday and she fired up but was a bit lumpy but after it warmed up it was fine. Went out today and it wouldn't fire at all, at best it spluttered and died then nothing. I have no spark, I put a new coil on it 2 months ago, I tryed a spare module and coil and still nothing.I have live on the black wire when ignition is on And a earth on the brown. Is my dizzy buggered? Don't know what else to check. If I took the lead from the distribution out of the cap would there be live there when I turned it over, any help would be great

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option 1 - take the ht lead out the dizzy that comes from the coil. hold Hold it within 1mm off a suitable earth and turn the car over. if it sparks the coils ok.


caution here as you may get a jolt !!!


option 2 -remove dizzy cap and check internal condition. is rotor arm ok? is sprung loaded carbon contact from centre Ht lead ok and looks like it is contacting rotor arm  ? is cap cracked? are outer Ht lead contacts clean and healthy?


good luck


Ps -you could try wearing a good pair of wellies to help prevent the jolt ................................!!!


wont stop the schock off the HT lead but works well with sheep so i hear !!

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carefully check the connectors around the coil ,pull them apart and have a good look .the wires can corrode inside the terminals and can cause no spark .

i seem to remember the green wire being critical to it working .


sounds a bit daft but does the rotor move when you crank it ?

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I suspect the green wire too, on mine it was fractured inside the loom just where it emerged out of the loom, outer green sheeth looked intact, but the inner  copper condiutors had broken due to engine viberations,, even an AA patrol man could not find the cause so he towed me home, then I was just fiddling along the wires from the loom thatw ent to the ignition coild and suddenly I felt as though the green wire had no stiffness at a point where it came out of the loom, so when I pulled it slightly it broke hence revealing the problem, once I stripped it bare and rejoined the engine fired up.


this wire keeps the fuel pump relay energised as well as I guess the ignition circuit, this is to prevent pump from running after an accident spoilling fuel out of the tank.

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