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2.4 16V Piston Options?

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Cheers folks,


Andy - had a look at those on ebay.de, only confusion was the bore but I'm 99% sure that theyve got their listing wrong as KS only list a 96.5mm piston not a 97.5 (which would be pushing a CIH bore a bit far I'd think?)


Will get my machine shop to find out if they can get the relevant KS part, pretty sure they can.


H-400, it would be nice to put forged pistons in it but I'm pretty sure the budget won't stretch to it. Will check just in case!





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Right, well have got a set of the mercedes pistons that are touted as being the thing for the job and they don't look much good to me ! The comp height is taller (last thing you want on a big bore CIH!) and  the gudgeon pin considerably bigger.


I think Steve you are probably right!! Looks like custom forged ones! Could you tell me where you got yours from?

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Hello Guys


I can supply CIH 2.4 Wossner Pistons in 96.00/96.50 or 97mm bore size, fill spec:

Technical information is sourced from Wossner's latest catalogue

Part Number K9006
Engine Type C2.4 NE
OE Bore Size 95.00mm
Bore Sizes Available

96.00mm - 2461.00cc

96.50mm - 2486.70cc

97.00mm - 2512.53cc

Stroke 85mm
Dome/Bowl Volume +3.77cc
Wössner Comp. Ratio 12.0:1
OE Comp. Ratio 9.2:1
Comp. Height 31.5mm
Valves Per Cylinder 2
Cylinders 4

PM or email me at sales(at)tjmotorsport.co.uk



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