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What Kind Of Opel Engine Is That?


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Thanks. Where can I find some more informations? CIH is not enough for me and google isn't helpful at all.

The internet is not always comprehensive or accurate. However, it is the very common CIH engine, as said above, which was very common in Vauxhall / Opels for over 30 years.

A cheap source of printed info is to buy a second hand Haynes Manta workshop manual off a well known auction site

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It should have a clue in the first few no,s of the engine no. if it says 19s it is a high compression 1.9

if it says 20 its a 2.0  and so on

it can say 19 on the block and be either a 1.9 or a 2.0

the head also has no.s on it that show what size of engine the head has come from I think under the cam cover..

It does not look like a 2.4 as it has a standard crank pulley and no crank sensor.

show me a picture of the water thermostat as that can give a clue

The oil pump cover if an early engine is plain and the later has a oil pressure release plunger and spring. Picture please.

The later engines also are hydraulic camshafts

It looks to me to be a later 2.0 or 2.2 as it has an aluminium cam cover

it has a four speed gearbox

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Heck! what is that lump of Cast Iron??? Never laid eyes on one of those before  :D


Looks to me to be an S variant of the Cam In Head engine, mainly due to the water pump and pulley as the so it will be 1.6S 1.9S or the 2.0S the 2.0E had a different water pump pulley due to the viscous coupled fan.

2.2 and 2.4 had other differences over this too.


Heck man you came to the right place to ask the question -_-

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