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S2000 Running Gear Into Manta Gte Coupe


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Hi all new to the forum,

Thinking of doing a new project, my idea is putting a Honda s2000 engine and preferably box into a manta. Would this even be possible or would I be best sticking to a c20zlet or c20let/XE

Asside from brake and suspension upgrades which, again I'm researching what else would I need. I'm pretty handy with a spanner and am a painter by trade so bodywork doesn't phase me.

cheers for reading

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Not an easy conversion, I have done most of the hard work and now sold the car on regrettably for a number of reasons.

Exhaust manifold fouled the steering column so had to mod manifold and move column over , my engine is dry sumped which helps get the engine lower too. Cut gear selector housing off and moved it forward about 100mm and shortened selector rod and all welded back up again. (You can see near the prop flange where it was originally)  Box is Honda S2000 6speed.

A few more pics for you. 



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I always thought of that as a nice conversion for the A series :-)

That box looks a lot like the getrag 5 speed!


Any sort of engine conversion seems to have its pro's and con's and need a fair bit doing.


makes me think i should have just stuck with the 2.0L on carbs :-)



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