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Wiper Motor Sleeves And Possible Rad Trays


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I have 4 polished stainless steel wiper motor sleeves up for sale.

3 of the large type and 1 of the smaller type.


£12.00 each plus £5.00 P+P, apologies for the postage but size of the package dictates the Royal Mail fees.




Also I have 2 Anodised aluminium Radiator trays prepared ready for engraving... 


Here's a pic of a few I used to make out of Mirror polished stainless steel.




Bottom pic here, is Anodised aluminium


Price for Rad tray is £40.00 imcluding fitting guide and stainless fasteners.

I have one large size suitable for 2.0S 1.8S and 16V

and one small size suitable for the 2.0E GTE


If interested pm me or email me at csarmstrong2012@gmail.com and let me know what you want engraving i.e. MANTA GTE in correct style lettering and colour infill required.





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There is now just one large wiper sleeve available.

And there is still the GTE size radiator tray in satin silver anodised aluminium, pics of the stainless items are for illustration of what engraving could be put onto the Anodised Aluminium item, if required.

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