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Price Drop Coupe Now £1895

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gte coupe now £1895 if i was after one i would probably have ag go at this,

seams reasonably priced when you compare it to 

this totally rotten manta, which sold for  around £1500 a few months back,


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 Both these Manta's are a good starting point for anyone wanting a project because the are (apparantly) complete.


 Metal can be replaced even if some has to be fabricated from scratch, Mechanicals can be overhauled (though a CIH engine would survive a nucular bomb !) repainting though needing a professional can be done at dozens of locations throughout the UK, But Trying to replace damaged/broken trim can be really difficult and any project very hard to complete.

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I'm not good with technology, I have had to jump through hoops so let's hope this works photos uploaded on photobucket. My limits are copy and paste or drag and drop! Ha ha just showing my age! Hope this helps.

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The pics that Mike took are here http://s567.photobucket.com/user/mikerobertson4/profile if that helps.

classic mhoh (manta house of horror) :lol: the usual suspects lurking beneath,its a wonder the st number plate is still attached to that back panel :o

But I think its the steve Thompson connection that will give this poor girl the lifeline it needs.Hope someone in the club takes mercy on the old girl.

Its not £700 better than the mr carlos one though so a deal needs to be struck for sure. :ph34r:

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