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No Longer Stalking


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I have been stalking the various forums, but felt it time to join.

I can't offer any help to you guys as you know way more than I.

I'm hoping that I can get some help and advice finding a Manta 400. I'm not sure how ridiculous that may sound, but here is hoping :)

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 Hello Graham, welcome along.


 your right in my neck of the woods, i live in Woburn Sands, there are quite a few of us Vauxhall / Opel nuts locally and of course being only twenty miles from Billing aquadrome near Northampton you must get down there on the 11-12n July for the huge Vauxhall / Bedford / Opel rally.


 As for the Manta 400, yes if you have £80+K to spare. if you haven't got that money then a well sorted production Manta makes a great classic car without all the associated hassle that comes with maintaining the rare manta 400.

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Welcome to Manta land. I hope you fulfill your dream of owning a 400, you will need a fortune to buy one when you do find one for sale as they are considered the holy grail of Manta ownership. Me personally I love all Mantas and I prefer the B series GT/E models. The last 400 road Manta I saw for sale was on the carandclassic website and it was an astro silver road Manta widebody version with 70km miles on it. It was listed for 75,500 euros. If I had that sort of money I would have to have one no matter what they cost, I think finding one will be a hard task as Manta's in general aren't in any way commonplace anymore. Best of luck and once again wish you all the best in the hunt for the famous 400 ;)




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They do seem to be like hens teeth. 

I am completely out of touch with their values it seems. I was hoping £30k - £40k would buy one.    So plan B :)

I will keep a look out for an immaculate GTE coupe, possibly a 400 lookey likey

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There is a nice GT/E Exclusive Coupe on ebay at the moment or are you after the standard GT/E? Exclusives come along now and then and I would say that a top minter would set you back around 8k. That price is going by what I have seen for sale. 

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Hi Ianan, also welcome!

I already bought a nice GSI to build a 400 replica because the search for an original one was like searching the holy grail!

Some weeks later I found an original one in Switserland.  

So do plan B and keep searching on the internet, maybe you'll have the same luck as me...

@Mantaman: about the maintaining, I'm a car/truck mecanical and the spare-parts that are for sale on internet as "exclusive 400" 

are indeed expensive but there are a lot of parts that are the same as the commodore and other big Opels. Bearings of the axle's or 

shaft are easy to order by dimensions.    Beware of the frauds on ebay etc...


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