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 I hope you do not mind Therese but i have put your history page into Google translate, not quite a perfect result but everyone on here will be able to understand your story -


 I determined since I was in high school that I would have a Manta. But the path was quite long. I could not afford to take a driving license until 2002, the year I turned 23. But when I began to approach me license, I had already decided I would have a manta, otherwise I would not have a car. Put an ad in the local newspaper, as they did at the time, before the block. I do not think I wrote more than "Opel Manta in good condition purchase". I did not have a white, and preferably not one red, the dream was probably a black, Exclusive -87. I got three answers. A red Öland that would be really nice, 25000kr. Too expensive for my finances at the time. A white MönsterÃ¥s, did not want to have a white. And so my pearl, in PÃ¥ryd for 12000kr.

Went to test drive with Dad, because the license was not clear. The first time I saw Mantan it was overcast, so it was silver. So beautiful. Mantan was imported from Germany six months earlier to become the rally car, but fortunately they thought it was too good for it, so I had to buy it instead. Each downloaded it a few weeks later. Wonderful. Had by then written up, I have for me. Exercise Drove with a friend in his Volvo, he thought I would run Mantan one day. Exercise Run in my own car, good luck. Shortly thereafter, I passed also the driving test, so the day after I drove my dream to work instead of taking the bus. Taught then feel my car and came to the conclusion that it was just as fun to drive as it was beautiful to watch.


 Your Manta looks really good and you put a huge amount of work in to repair it, even using the front from another Manta !!

 Now you are enjoying your dream, driving your Mantan !!!

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