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Help To Wire Gte Loom Up


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Hey folks. Gte manta engine fitted in my Chevette but need assistance with the wiring from 4 pin plug at ecu loom.

- no 28 cream colour wire

- Black/red wire,2cream colour wires

- 2 green wires

- black wire

Any advice where these 4 pins get wired to b greatly appreciated.

Also not sure about where the 3 wires of dizzy loom should go.brown earth. Black?? Green??

Many thanks. Jim

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Hi, Welcome to the site.

1st - This looks like a request for technical help so I'm gonig to move the thread to a more appropriate place.

2nd - I'll try and find a or two.

Off the top of my head there are four wires in the GTW loom plug.

Green goes to the green on the coil.

One goes to the fuel pump probably blue

One is a black probably ignition live and I think one from starter for 12V under cranking but had on and I'll find the links

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4 pin plug needs to see the following:


Green, goes off to the cars rev counter and is part of the circuit for the coil wiring, the ecu sees this green wire for its rev signal and you see it on the tach.

The black and red wire is from the "live on crank" pin on top of the starter motor solenoid.

The black is a switched live that come on when the ignition is on.

The other might be blue or cream in colour, this is what feeds the fuel pump its 12v. it goes from this plug, to a fuse in the fuse box an then off to the rear of the car.


3 wires on the mini loom I sent are:


Black, ign switched live, 12v not the 10v balasted wire the car would have had from new, use a multimeter to see if its 12 or 10v.

Brown, with loop terminal, to the earth, via the bolt that holds the coil to the inner wing.

green, off to the rev counter in the car, you may need to join that up with the 4 pin plug so the ecu sees the coil signal if it does not already do so.

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Thanks guys.

So only one side connector used on coil? From 12v switched and joined to black on mini loom.


The standard looms have the two 12v feeds separate, not sure but I think the injection feed is fused and the 12v to coil is not, someone with a standard manta in front of them might be able to let you know for sure, I am running off memory here.


The green push on wire on coil goes to one side and the black spade goes to the other.

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Pretty sure they are not separate black wire wise.

IIRC the black wire to the coil in the car loom IS the one that is in the plug near the heater on the car side and joint with 2 others in the GTE (injection) loom about 2" from where the wires go through the bulkhead. IIRC that is.

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The black wire that goes to the coil is the same one that goes to the GTE injection loom. I did a write up on this...


Red and black to the red and black already in your loom (a permenant live)
Black goes to the coil (switched live)and if like me you had a carbed cav/manta you will need to add this in. As your car will have a white cable. This is a ballasted cable (resistor).
Blue needs adding and extending to where ever you are putting your fuel pump.
Green needs connecting to the green on the coil. Again if you car has a rev counter this will be in the loom you've just cut into. If not you'll have to run one from the coil.



Obviously these instructions are for fitting the injection loom into another manta that originally had a carb. But if you have a manta haynes manual it is all in there.


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