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C20Xe Rough Idling


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The C20XE on my Manta starts ok but has a rough idle.  I've now fitted new plugs (do you need to set the gap on the GM plugs with the 2 electrodes on the sides?), leads, rotor arm and dizzy cap but it's still the same. 


Any suggestions?


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Possibly idle valve common problem.

Remove the pipe from your inlet cap spray either carb cleaner or a bit of wd down leave for a while refit pipe see if better.

Same idle valve on some saabs or many opel variants.

Sutty had same issue last mionth

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Idle control valves are a pain in the back side. Ive got 3, all of them make the engine run different. And they are hard to get out if its still under the manifold. I tried to relocate mine to behind the power cap but need to have steel hose as the original isnt strong enough.

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Thanks for the replies, I can't start it at the moment as I'm wiring in the alarm/immobiliser. 

It's still located under the manifold at the moment, hadn't thought of moving it.

Does this only affect the revs at idle when the car is cold?

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