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Best Axle ?


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Depends on how you are going to use the car for.


Manual 2.0 gte    (3.44:1)  will give a good cruising speed and fare acceleration

Manual 1800       ( 3.67:1)  good acceleration  but a bit high revving when cruising

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To be honest the axle choice depends more on your driving style and intended use.


If you're going to sit on the motorway all the time go for the GTE axle but if you want a B road blaster then go for the 1.8 axle.


If you are used to an 1800 the revs at motor way speed wont bother you anyway.

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Also depends on the size of the wheels and tyres. Std gte wheels and tyres are 195/60 r14. If you switch to 195/50 r15 you actually reduce the gearing slightly.....well according to my gear calculator you do!!!

im just going to put tyres on my drums   B)


would the calculator show you what size wheels tyres would bring a gte 3.44 axle to the same as a 3.67 (1.8)  ?  if you know what i mean ....

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Right, used std tyre size of 185/70 13 which is almost the same rolling radius as the 195/60 14. To get a 3.67 up to the same mph (well close as i can, its within 0.3 mph for 1st gear) the best tyre size thats available is 205/55 16.





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