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400 Meeting


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I'll transelate the most important:

If you own an Ascona 400 or Manta 400 (replica or original) you can participate with this meeting. 

Participating is free, entrance for visitors is 2 €, including a coffee/thee. 

Visiting hours: 10.00-16.00h 

Adres: Sander 15   4871NA Etten-Leur    Holland  (About 40k's to the north-east of Antwerp)

If you want to participate sign up via   manta400@ziggo.nl


more info: http://www.manta400.nl/400treffen%202015.htm


Pictures of the meeting in 2013: http://www.manta400.nl/400treffen%202013.htm


I 'm already signed up, so I hope to meet some visitors of OMOC over there!


Grtz, Herman.

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Some pictures of the meet:









The next picture is a replica of the Kadett 400. After the Ascona 400 Opel needed an other rallycar and there were 3 prototypes build of the Kadett D 

with the drive-line of the Ascona-400. It was a Kadett D with the chassis of the Ascona-Manta serie.

Opel chose the easy solution and the Manta-400 was a fact. This Kadett 400 replica is a very true copy of the original rallycar:





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So heaven is a place on earth afterallB)the 3rd one down with the bmw power plant looks a right monster,i like the what looks like a big ring spanner used for a towing eye idea.

Cheers for posting these brilliant pics herman:thumbup

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