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'84 Manta 1.8 Berlinetta Hatch For Sale


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I need some space back on my drive and some money to sort out my old coupe which I've just bought back, something's gotta go so it's gonna be this one. There are plenty of pictures in my project thread and I'll put some more on here later when I'm not posting from my phone.

I bought this one a few months ago from the second owner, who bought it ten days before I was born. He'd taken it off the road about ten years ago when the tank started leaking and he couldn't find anyone to repair it.

This means there are a few bad bits. The nose cone was holed pretty much all the way along the top edge, I treated the rust, filled it with filler and painted over it with a proper GM Anthracite aerosol made where I work, it's not a perfect match because the rest of the car's faded but it's pretty good. I'm not a bodywork man so the filler only really looks good from ten yards, needs a new nose cone really. Both doors are rusty, the passenger more so but ideally both will want replacing at some point. The bonnet's not great, the tailgate's not great and the roof has a few bubbly bits over the tailgate hinges. There's a bit of a knocking noise coming from the steering somewhere at the moment, think it's the rack, planning on replacing it this week if I get a chance. Could probably do with some new shockers as well, they're a bit soft.

There are plenty of good bits though. In spite of the rusty panels this one didn't need any welding for an MOT, the only bit I can see that has been done in the past is the very front of the chassis rail between the ARB mount and the bumper. Rear arches, sills, floors, battery tray, washer bottle tray and swan necks are all good as far as I can see - this one's remarkably solid. It's also totally original and unmolested. It's got the correct alloys with good matching tyres on, the original burnt orange (red to you and me!) interior which isn't great but is perfectly serviceable, and a period 80s pop-up glass sunroof so none of the usual rotten sunroof issues.

I've done a lot of recommissioning for the MOT including but not limited to:

- reconditioned front calipers with new pads, pins and clips

- new rear wheel cylinders

- new flexi hoses all round

- most of the solid brake lines replaced

- replaced the alternator with a good 55A from mk2 Cav instead of original 45A

- full service with new plugs, leads, distributor cap, rotor arm, oil and filter

- new mechanical fuel pump

- new fuel hoses

- good Varta battery

- petrol tank repaired, painted and all breather hoses replaced

- probably more bits I've forgotten about

I'll also chuck in some new spares with it, such as a new cambelt, water pump, handbrake cable, air filter, just bits and bobs but they're always handy. I was going to do the cambelt and water pump but didn't get round to it before Billing.

It's just done the 500 mile round trip to Billing with no real issues to report except the heater fan not working on the way out of there in the rain. I'm sure there are bits I've forgotten so feel free to ask any questions you like.

It's got 12 months MOT, it drives nicely and it's a seriously good base for a project if you wanted it concours. I'm asking £1200 or a near offer, it'll be here for a few days before going on the Facebook group and eventually ebay although I really hope this one goes to a proper enthusiast.

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