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Smart 400 For Sale Cardiff

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I'm aware of this car, I have know of it since 1996. You are correct it has been built from a GTE shell, hence rhd. It has been owned by the same family for quite some time. Over the years it has been painted in different colour schemes.

From memory the car was last restored in early 2000, I think this may of been carried out by the man who originally built the car.

It has a number of original 400 parts fitted.

Does anyone have an idea of its value if it not an original works car?

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I'm not sure how much more it would be worth if it indeed came from the factory as one of the original 400 cars built up over time into a rally car, but never being a 'works' car. Would a potential buyer pay much more for it if it were an original 400 rather than a GT/E ?? No doubt everyone would like the one that started life as an original 400, but then beggers can't be choosers..


I'm sure if it was built correctly with the proper parts then it is still worth quite a bit.

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This was built a very long time ago, it's not 100% correct but from my understanding it was built by a person who had some form of involvement with the original 400 devlopment programme.

Recently an original works 400 failed to sell at auction in Monaco for around the same figure. I would be shocked if this cars sells for the price asked.

That aside it would make a lovely addition to someone's collection.

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This looks to be as close as you can get to the genuine article without it actually being that :blink:

The jimmy mcrae ac delco 400 sold for around the 60k mark the other year,but I think that was getting due for a full restoration job,so maybe 75k is getting some where near the ball park :wacko: But the problem is it will never have the historical value of the mighty mcrae 400. :thumbup 

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If Jimmy McRae genuine car sold for close to 60k and the one in Monaco failed to sell, last bid was 75k euros this one may be a little on the pricey side.

Cage looks like it may have been change since I last saw it, I remember it being silver in colour. (May be wrong mind)

Anyone been down to see it in the flesh.

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