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1973 1.9 Berlinetta


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I am pleased to offer for sale this completely remanufactured Manta, my aim when I start a build like this is simple, and that is to create an "as new" car, well on this one I think my dart has just clipped the wire and crept into the bull's eye.


I believe you have to be your own worst critic when you set out to achieve the sort of standard that I like from such a build as this, it is (in my opinion) not good enough to say "that'll do". I'll give you an example of this:- when it came to the brakes I had sourced new :- discs, pads,shoes,drums,wheel cylinders,master cylinder, hand brake cable, pedal rubber,all the pipe work I make up myself, callipers completely overhauled. But the one item I could not source new was a servo, now I had carried out a simple vacuum test on the original item and it seemed fine, but for me it is as important an item as the five brand new Firestone tyres or the new bumpers etc, etc, etc, I scoured everywhere looking for a new servo to no avail, until the light bulb, eureka moment  :rolleyes: when I remembered a large car breakers ( I had not been there for years) who stocked loads of new parts as well as second hand, so old servo in hand of I went and there in a stillage covered in dust were two YES two brand fire new Vauxhall Chevette servos, "no, couldn't be" I said out loud well guess what, you got it, the Manta has a new servo and the brakes are spot on.


This is very much my attitude to creating the "new" 42 year old car, and so with that thought in mind we come to value, well I tend to look at this in two ways firstly:- Looked after, kept safe, dry, pampered and cared for it will only increase in value and with out doubt these are fast appreciating classics. Secondly what would we pay today for brand new "sporty" coupe?  Â£30k ish? Okay I accept that it would be a daily drive, but here is the important bit, it will depreciate quicker than the Titanic sinking and todays cars are not going to be tomorrows classics ( imaging getting an ecu or abs sensor or air bag in 42 years time )????


I am happy to answer questions on here for the time being, I will endeavour to attach pictures A.S.A.P the Manta is pictured on carandclassic.co.uk




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That does look very nice. Shame there are no full size (high res) images and none of the engine and boot.


I was just thinking that is a hell of a lot of money for an A series, but then if i add up all the money i have spent on mine im sure i would be surprised!


If you have the money it looks like a nice car to have.



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Pictures are already hosted on Car and Classic,


so right click on picture

select 'copy image location' with left mouse button

come back here to your thread

click on picture symbol (under smiley face above)

Text box will pop up

right click and 'Paste' into text box that pops up

click ok and picture should appear in your message








This beautiful Opel Manta has been the subject of the most thorough and detailed remanufacture.

I have carried out all of the work and I have one simple principle in mind when I carry out this work, it is that the car has to look new and not "done up" when I have finished, and I am happy to say that is what I have achieved with this stunning car.

Although two registered keepers on the registration document it has in fact been in the ownership of the same family from new and at the same address, so in effect 1 family owned from new.
Add to this that the car was genuinely stored for nearly three decades and had a mere 80,000 recorded miles,and that it was a complete and un-molested car also presented me with what I like best when I carry out this work and that is a blank canvas, with no nasty previous repair horrors to undo.

In short my process here starts with the complete disassembly of every component of the car, I then begin a process of corrosion removal, panel fabrication, re-build and paint process.

This is the most demanding and research based part of the process, scouring the internet, owners forums, motor factors and various other sources for items and information needed to achieve the standard that I demand, I have a fully documented portfolio to accompany this build that details each and every component that has been renewed, replaced and refurbished.

I am a purist so I like to keep things very original. but that said I also have to be realistic and practical when I come across items that I have no option but to use slightly different processes,materials or even some artistic licence to achieve my high end finish. These tend to be items such as fabrics for items such as door cards, seats and the like so do not effect the overall " originality" of this stunning car and can add a slight signature to the finish.

I base my value on the recommendation of a few trusted and very experienced professionals who have a great deal of knowledge about the ever growing value of the classic car market, this Manta is very rare and will increase in value, but there is a note of caution cars like this will increase in value sharper than stocks and shares, houses and gold, but they need to be kept dry, safe and pampered.

I rebuild historic and classic cars for the love and passion that I have for them, the pride in seeing my skill and hard work give enjoyment to those who truly appreciate the time spent achieving my goal and the thought that we can have a truly unique piece of motoring history to keep and pass on to others.

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That seems to be a very nice example of a restored "A".


At the asking price though it will be a very limited number of people that have £17000 spare to spend on what appears to be a very nice car.


To attract peoples interest you would need at least 12 "large" pictures including engine bay & interior also as it's been restored a link to some before & during resto pics would be helpful.


I think you need to Ebay the car using a classified ad with good quality pics to widen interest.


As to the value, simple it's worth what some one is willing to pay & if the price offered doesn't meet what you want then keep it as an investment.


I'm looking at buying an "A" & there are a couple of stunning examples around at the moment but my budget unfortunately doesn't stretch that far.

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After some negotiating it sold for £12,000 less fees.:thumbup

This is the highest price i have seen paid for a standard, I.E. non limited run Manta, sets a new bench mark for show condition Manta's

Yet Taylorblue and Scribe-of-Lincoln can't sel thier examples for a lot less than this, just can't work out where the market is at with Manta's at the moment

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Your not comparing like for like Ian

A totally restored to original condition Manta A 1.9 SR Berlinetta is always going to be worth strong money.

I love Ben's blue early B but being a 1.6 auto DL model will put some people off (not me !).

Scott's Exclusive made £3900 on an Ebay auction recently, i assume it has sold, it possibly would have made more money if it didn't have a welded diff & some minor paint issues on the roof which Scott honestly described.

Where i do agree with Ian is that Manta & Ascona prices are increasing strongly especially for original time warp condition or well restored cars.

This hopefully means that even " basket case " cars are worth restoring, James Coghlan recently bought a very early 1975 Manta " B " SR which a few years ago would have probably been stripped for spares but it could well be worth £5000 + once restored which means there's a profit to be made for James & the satisfaction that another Manta is saved.

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Your not comparing like for like Ian

Hot trying to comapre like for like, both the other two Manta's i would not expect to sell for £12000, the point i was making is that they are not selling even the though the price is fair, possible even on the low side.

The Manta market place is not making much sense at the moment.

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Without wishing to offend anyone, I think that the value of any item is a true reflection of it's quality and so you have to bear in mind that XER522L's Finnish was as NEW, and so £12k was actually quite cheap in my opinion, I bet that the 1968 mk1 Escort that I am currently engaged in will sell for double if not triple that amount when it sells, Which is the better car? For me the Manta is a far superior car in terms of build quality than any late 60's or 70's blue oval example, but we all know what sells for the most money.

So for me I would argue that the Manta and certainly the A series represent a far shudder buy than most other classics of the period.



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