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South East Pub Meet 23Rd August


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If it hadn't of been for the inclement weather, we might have made 12 cars out last Sunday evening. So lets all do a Sun-dance and hope for similar or better numbers for the next meet, which I have brought forward a week, to Sunday 23rd August.

Usual venue as it seems to work well, being The Halfway House PH on the junction of the A127 and A128 near Brentwood in Essex.

Hopefully have mine fixed by then, so I'll be there. Anyone joining me??


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shame last weeks meet was not to be this weekend sunday the 2nd august. the weather forecast is looking excellent!


All being well I hope to come to this one on the 23rd, that's just as well as I am away the following weekend.

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Well what a turnout, thanks everyone. 10 cars is a record for us. Will some pics up asap off my phone, but a really enjoyable evening and a superb lineup of Mantas. 

Roll call of owners; me, Paul, Stuart, Karl, Dom, Brian/Nicky, Sharon/Jim, Wendy, Dean & Tony (not yet a member but I'm working on it).

Look forward to our next show.

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Indeed a record turn out. I have never seen that at a meet before . 10 mantas and 3 of those b series mantas. 

I have as uou know dave been going to south east meets ,prob since about 1997 .i used to be told tales of meetings  where loads used to turn up. ... its good to see fresh interest and remaining interest is going strong..... well done to dave and all who attended  has been an enjoyable  afternoon. 

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