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1977 Ascona B 205 BHP LSD Bilsteins etc


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1977 OPEL ASCONA B                     3500 GBP

I searched for quite a few years to find an opel ascona that was'nt a complete rotbox only too come across this little gem not only is it VERY solid it has a lot of goodies attached. As much as it pains me to do so i must sell it :(

The car is located in stoke on trent unfortunatly i dont live there anymore and wont be able to meet the new owner, it's currently at a friends house and will be going for MOT this week so will come with 12 months but no tax, all the paperwork is also present.



2.2 CIH Engine rebored with 10.5.1 pistons, Steel Conrods, Crower rally camshaft, Twin 45's, 4 Branch Exhaust manifold, New Clutch.

5 speed Manta gearbox

LSD Diff

Bilstein Shock absorbers and springs

Manta gte interior


The bodywork is exceptionally clean and straight the car drives nice and true with plenty of power 205 bhp set up by mikanics, driving below 2000 rpm can be a bit flat due to the engine spec but you soon learn how to drive it.

Originally a 1.6 on the logbook.

You can contact me via email - michael_holdcroft@hotmail.com

phone - +61 7589 995 395 < this is an international call if your calling from outside australia

facebook - Michael Holdcroft

I'll try my best to reply as fast as i can but i am 9 hours in front of the uk so just bear with me.

Viewing can be arranged by contacting me only first.




Thanks for looking i hope it goes to a good home.


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Are you unable to bring the car into Aus? If car is over 20 years old, there is no issues with bringing cars into NZ, and if immigrating then can bring it in free of taxes. Maybe you should have moved to NZ ;)

I've already got one of these to bring over, or I could have been interested - don't need two :unsure:


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