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New member saying hi


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Hi all,

I am from cork region and recently purchased a shell of a 83 opel manta which I intend on bringing back to its original condition.

It is a manta b hatch back berlinetta model. 1.8 (no engine or gear box). 

this is my first project car so any help or advice would be greatly appriciated

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Hi Liam, welcome to the forum,

 Restoring a Manta usually means one thing RUST REPAIRS

 As for the engine and box, i guess these have been robbed from the Manta for another car, the original 1.8L engine with sump and 1.8L box will be hard to come by, might have to consider using a CIH 2.0L , perhaps on a carb to avoid the having to find an injection fuel tank with a return inlet

Good luck and start a project thread in the relevant section, we all want to see another Manta come back to life.

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Thanks Ian,

The sills are the first thing on the list but after that a good paint job should sort it out. Im trying to source new sills to put on it...

I'm just learning the problem with the 1.8 engine. I would probably go for the 2L CIH running off twin 45's?? I will bow to your better knowledge here regarding engine mounts, gear box etc.

I will post pictures as i go to keep everyone informed of the progress.

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