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distrubutor, which one???


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Hi all, maybe someone can help me on this, im sure its simple but ive stripped down an engine I got on ebay , (usual thing, half bits missing, he left the bloody thing full of oil with the blanking plate missing where the fuel pump used to go, which lead to me having to pay the pallet company for all the damage it did to the truck and other items) so not been the best experience so far, anyway it was injection with a bosch distribution,  I will be running carbs so the injections all gone, so I need to change the distrubutor for a wired one, my question is, is the sprocket the same on all distrubutors coming off the main? And looking on ebay theres seems to be a few to choose from, some look shorter than others but there all for cih engines, which seems a bit odd, so which one do I go for, any help appreciated on this, dont really want to rebuild it and find ive messed it up with the wrong drive sprocket or something, lee

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I've seen the pictures on eBay of the ones with the short shafts. Not sure what these fit.

All the standard 1.9 and 2.0 distributors will all fit as they all share the same shaft length and drive gear.

Well that is my experience anyway.

But you can still use the gte dissy with carbs, I have. The injection system doesn't control the spark. The dissy is stand alone. You just need the amplifier and short loom.

I should also add I have a fully reconditioned, professionally, 2l dissy. If your gte one is in good condition I'm happy to work something out with a swap?

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Hey Lee

Good to see you have an engine at last!!

I probably have one from a 1.9 CIH lying about in the loft. I think its a Bosch. I can have a look if your interested and im in Bournemouth just up the road from you i think??

Any other bits that you need for it?



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