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Glass's car checkbook


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Hey all

Does anyone have the above book for the years 1965 to 1981, I am trying to look up my A series' year of manufacture from the vin no. so I can send it to DVLA for proof. If anyone has got it and can help could I please ask that you PM me? many thanks in advance!

p.s is it true that once your classic reaches 40 years of age it now qualifies for free road tax?


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The DVLA website states:

You don’t have to pay vehicle tax on vehicles made before 1 January 1975 

So - correct that vehicles over 40 years old are tax free. It took a while for this date to be moved from 1971 but I think the government decided that it would be amended more frequently now. Roll on 1979 and I get my first batch of free car tax!

As for the above, I think Mark Kinnon had all the details for A series models - it may be worth dropping him a PM, although I don't see him on here all that often any more, (he was one of the guys that originally set up the club website). Mark is "Beaker" on the forum.

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I have replied to Thomas' email to me. Mark passed on everything he had to me when I took over the A series reg. Unfortunately DVLA have decided they will only accept extracts from factory records, or info from Glass's check books. I have managed to get ones that run from 1965 to 1982, although a lot of information for B series cars is missing from them so I'm not sure whether we'll be able to prove the manufacturing dates for them. I have tried to get info from Germany but had no luck.

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Hi Thomas, your Manta was assembled in Antwerp, the last week of February 1974.


This info was given by Rainer Manthey, a German with a lot of knowledge of Manta-A. He even wrote books about them.

He is also co-webmaster of   http://www.manta-a-online.de/

More info about VIN you can find on http://www.opel-infos.de/startseite.html

It is in German, not so diffucult for me, there we had the visit of Germans several times in history... (LOL)

@Thomas: the source of the info about your VIN is the result of years of gathering info about Manta-A.

Grtz, Herman.

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Hi Herman, that's very interesting. Unfortunately the authorities in the UK will only accept either an extract from the factory build records, or a copy of the details provided in a trade publication called Glass's Check Book. The Glass's Check Books have the required info for Manta A, but not for all Manta B models. I only have books up to 1982 so not sure if they have details for the B2.

My German is non-existant, they didn't quite make it this far ;-). However, my brother has lived in Germany for a number of years so would translate for me.

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