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Mk1 Cav 2 door...

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Glad this has found a home at the Cornish Manta Sanctuary

These two doors are so rare now that it really should be kept originl not 'chopped' into an Ascona 400 replica, what size engine is it?

My Friend Richard Watt, leading light of the Cavalier and Chevette Club will be interested to learn all the details about this one to add to the clubs data base of MK 1 Cavaliers

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I was offered it (and a matching 4 door) I thought it best to just buy them and sort out what to do later.

OK, we need pictures of the 4 door as well !! infact i DEMAND more pictures of both of them before they dis-appear into the area of the Cornish Manta Sanctuary marked 'secret' !!! ( slip them quietly into a container, forget about them, then one day by mistake they end up in St Marys, then they will go rusty !! )

What engine sizes / spec are they, certain MK 1 Cavalier are super rare, like 1256cc engines or GLS spec interiors, certain colours are also rare, I saved an Amber Gold (same colour as my avatar Manta) 4 door 1.6 GLS from a scrap yard and the Cavalier and Chevette club think it is probably unique.

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Once I get the other one back here next weekend I will sort out a bit of a facts post on here.


more details soon....


If anyone expresses a burning desire to own one/both of these let me know, I got them to stop them getting taken straight to scrap but I have no plans to "do" either.  I have two mantas, 2 Camaros and a wife and kids to keep happy...

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I have two mantas, 2 Camaros and a wife and kids to keep happy...

it is very telling the order that you have put these in.......

You have just got yourself a problem with the two door Cavalier, you will have no shortage people wanting to buy it to butcher it into an Ascona 400 replica, but two door Cavaliers are now too rare to let that happen to them.

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With regards to the Ascona-fication of the 2 door, in principle I have no problem with it, its better than being crushed and lost forever, I do agree it would be nice to do a full restoration to it as it is but the value of a 2 door cav base model in pristine condition is about a 1/5 of what it would cost to make it pristine so no-one is going to do a full restoration back to original unless its a labour of love.


If a labour of love type comes along I will happily sell it to them, if a rally replica type comes along I would also sell it to them.


Both scenarios end up with a the car being sat in and used again, taken out, shown off and enjoyed.


Better than being turned into spoons or biscuit tins.

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Slight update to the two door...


its a 2 litre, Cavalier L with 4 speed manual. Red houndstooth interior, red dash top with moderate cracking.ripped drivers seat as usual.

The chassis legs look very good, the floors look good, inner wings excellent and nose excellent.

I have washed it and removed about 1/2 a ton of soil and the rear arches are pretty good, one better than the other. The front wings are junk because of dents and rust around those dents.


Doors are straight but the bottom edge is a bit grotty inside where it folds over,  blasting and re-skinning the lower section would sort this.

The right rear chassis leg needs work but the underside generally is good but surface rusted.


The chicken shit that was covering the car has eaten the paint and caused surface corrosion in the form of many patches all over, I have scraped these and they are not holes which is a bonus.

Red vinyl roof is toast !

Car would need media blasting and a rotisserie restoration to get it back to a decent standard. Pics tomorrow, I ran out of daylight tonight.

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Second one has landed in the yard and its quite rough, its been used as a spares car for the 2 door I think and parts are missing, its W reg, sound around the chassis legs but the N/S inner wing is rusted.


I will do pics soon and I think I might put these up for sale so at least one will get done up and used and the other will donate parts to help keep others going.

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