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manta and Kadett B


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Hi all

two questions:

1. What do I need in order to fit a cih engine and box into a Kadett B (factory fitted with 1.1 oHV engine)? any one has any experience on this subject?

2. will the wheels off an opel manta fit a kadett B? anyone know the offset on a Kadett B? I know they are also 4x100



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Hi Thomas,


I've a 1.1 Kadett B, I haven't done this myself so you may get a better answer come along but I looked into it a lot of years ago during my restoration and found out the following.

The tunnel and bulkhead are are the biggest problem. There was a much bigger tunnel in the factory CIH B's.

If you don't mind chopping, other things can all be dealt with, e.g rear axle will need changed, 1100 one ratio will be all wrong and it'll probably blow up as with the torque, brakes need to be bigger, especially if you still have the 1100 drums at the front! Leaf spring will need changed - the CIH one is much stronger (different number of leaves) additon of antiroll bars which probably aren't on your 1100, which means getting bottom arms fitted with the mounts etc.

Easiest option would be to contact one of the German breakers for a front and rear axle out of a GT or CIH B, you can find adverts on ebay.de and just contact them.

Personally though I'm not so sure a CIH is your best option, the B front suspension is a rubbish design, something lighter would be a better job.

Manta ATS 6 x 13 wheels fit fine. Spacers are easy made to fit whatever offset you need though.



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