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Calibra v6 in manta help needed.


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Quick question for those you have fitted the  calibra vauxhall v6 into your manta.


What sump did you use ?


I am in the process of doing the conversion to another A and have tried both the Omega and Vectra sump with no luck but don't know what the Calibra sump looks like.

When I did the conversion on my A  I had a custom sump made, and will do so again if needs be.

Thanks for any help.

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Cheers Andy.

Thats interesting, I knew that the Cavalier sump was steel as thats what I used on my A, But didn't know the Calibra one was also steel.

That will hopefully make it a bit easier to find one, as the Cavalier sumps are hard to find as not many Cavalier V6's where made.

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