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Front wing removal


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Before I go steaming in I was looking for clarification on how the front wings come off a Manta B GT/E. From under the bonnet I see a row of bolts. These look easy enough to remove. Next, either there are bolts in other places or I was wondering if perhaps it was welded on at points?  The nearside wing has been bubbling for some time and has now developed a rather nasty hole. It's just where it curves over at the top at the rear of the wing. I've seen a picture on Suffolk Counties Mantas site of a hole pretty much in the same place which they managed to repair. I'm happy to attempt repairing it but I'd like to get the wing off to see how it is underneath. 



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Starting at the A post and working to wards the front.

all 10mm bolt.

1 bolt under bottom of wing into sill

2 bolts from inside of A post. ( you will need to remove the kick panel cover,)

1 top of wing/A post

Row of bolts along top of wing

I think there is also one up inside the front panel aswell, not sure about head light area think there is one but can't remember, then there are 3 joining the wing to the ftont lower panel.


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