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Breaking hatch

Kevin Abbott

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I am breaking a hatch. 

Engine and box gone. 

It is a 1800

front end from A posts sold. 

All other parts available. 

Non gte interior. 

All the metal is good. 

I can cut out any part you require. 

For the rules, everything is £100 a piece  

pm me for prices or ask away 



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On ‎02‎/‎04‎/‎2016 at 11:53 PM, Kevin Abbott said:

Sorry for the late reply. 

Yes I have a servo

yes I have a prop

yes I have the sill trims 

yes I have good headlights. 

Ill be in touch ASAP. 

A strange request but could you cut the loom from each headlight plug with about twelve inches of wiring to go with it?


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1 hour ago, mantaray said:

Hi kev. Can I have the plastic sill bits please. In black if you have them.

Cheers chris.


Sill plates are grey in a late manta unless the very early ones are dark grey or early b are black?

I'll look tomorrow

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Hi mate. 

Complete doors are £100 each. Bare door shells £75. Prob best for you as the inners and glass don't rot 

Wings I don't think I have.  

A bonnet is £100

I have lots of spares but body parts are getting harder to track and store  

I pay hundreds of pounds a year to store parts so my prices have to reflect that 


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On 12/6/2017 at 19:39, Adrian watts said:

Hi there looking for both front and rear wings, are these still available if so can you email me please on Mantae703dho@googlemail.com 


If Kevin cannot help with these parts we may have the panels you require. 

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