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Manta B Parts - Lots of them body panels , 3.67 Axle Headlights etc etc


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Travelled to Devon on Saturday for this - I specifically wanted it because I've also bought the punted up the rear Exclusive GTE Hatch from ebay and need the rear end parts to repair that.


The engine and box were already gone and its very very stripped down

Lots of good bits to sell on though - thought I would give the club first shot before they go on ebay

Roof is already spoken for as is the bulkhead / scuttle / A posts / Cross Wise Chassis Rail under the rear floor / And I'm having the rear panel / Boot Floor / Both Rear Quarters

I'll list all the big stuff thats available but I have all the bits and pieces too - message me etc or ring txt Carl on 07889 141818

Happy to ship out everything at good courier rates plus some for time spent packing & materials. Or if you want to collect that's fine of course.

Discounts / haggling etc fine if you are buying a few things



Inner Wings - both in excellent condition - £100 Each. Offside sold.They will be separated at the nosecone seam and forward of the strengthening bars above the battery tray / washer bottle areas. Will include the chassis rails underneath which are in great condition 





Outer Wings - both in excellent condition - £100 each












Hatchback Roof Lining - no sunroof, mint condition, light grey - £50




Nice set of GTE 14" Ronal Alloy Wheels with 4 matching nearly new Prestivo 195 60 14 tyres. Alloys in great straight condition with centre caps. Few paint chips on the centre caps. look to have been painted recently - £150 the set




Front suspension components - £25 per piece. All in great condition. Rear arms are SOLD



Steering rack £40. 

Set of 4 Lowering springs in excellent condition £50. Hard to tell what the drop is while the shell is so stripped but I would say probably -40mm

Steering wheel - Normal GTE I do have the centre push in the pile of bits - £25


Steering column with UJ - £30

Rear hatch shelf in black , good condition with side supports - cut to take 6x9 speakers which are included - £40



Set of standard springs from 1.8 hatchback - used but serviceable - £30


Pair of square headlights - both in good condition , good silvering to the reflectors, all mounting studs intact. Matching pair of Hella's. £50





Pair of headlight seals - good condition - £12


Set of dash clocks - excellent condition. To suit 3.67 axle - 78k on them. £30




Bronze tint front windscreen. Blue sun strip. Laminated. Superb condition. Reg number etched. No seal. £120 collection only





Other items available that spring to mind;

3.67 Rear Axle as in the 1.8 Models. Great running order done 78k - £120

Hatch fuel tank for carb models, good condition - £50

Front doors - good overall condition no rust on the outside of them. Bit of rash from removing the door pins (Not me!!). Some slight lifting on the lower seam. £60 each

Rear tailgate in white - not from this car but in good condition all round , no glass in it - £40

Rear hatchback spolier in red - Good condition - £30

Bonnet in red - useable but has filler in the front edge - £30

I'll add other bits as I sort through the van! If you're after anything specific just ask !





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Nosecone is still available shonky will pm you now :-)

these items are all now sold

standard springs and shocks

offside inner wing

bulkhead / scuttle / a posts

chassis rail under rear footwells


rear cards

front seats

recaro subframes


front door cards

rear seats

everything else still available !

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I'm surprised if you did a 4 wheel tow on the road with that

300 miles back from Devon to Lancashire , no problems at all

I'm interested in headlights, headlight seals and the tailgate. But my question is: can you keep them 'till the end of the month?(30th to be more precise)

Do you have a pic of the tailgate?

Thank you

no problem keeping hold of them til the end of the month as long as they are paid for :-)

will post a pic of the tailgate tomorrow for you 

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My understanding is a car needs insurance, tax and MOT to be towed like that hence the surprise

technically maybe but in practice nobody bothers you as long as it all looks safe and secure and unlikely to cause a hazard . I've done 1000's of miles with all sorts of stuff on an a frame with no difficulties . Even on occasions when I've had problems , blown out tire on a Porsche I was towing or a sheared bolt on the frame at 2 am one night coming back from Sheffield leading to a massive rooster tail of sparks where it ate the Tarmac - both times plod showed up - all they wanted to know about was insurance - my trade policy gives blanket cover for recovery so I'm well served there. Cop on the Porsche occasion even tried to buy it off me ! I know they are a legal grey area but the reality is look like you know what you're doing and you're golden

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Aye im fine with that mate.im in glasgow.if you give me a pm i can paypal you or bank transfer.

ah good I would have cursed if you had said London I've just been down today with a van load of parts for other members !!!

pm ing you now :-)

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Do you still have the rear seat and is it a straight fit into the coupe as I know the back part of the rear seats is diff? 

Sorry all the seats are sold

Hatch bases are different as far as I know to compared with the coupe 

Rear seat bases are the same between hatch and coupe dan - its just the upright part thats different 

If the headlight seals don't sell I will purchase them off you.


They are still available Rob ;o) Pm me and we'll sort it out

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Edited main post to remove the sold iems - more below!

Front bumper - great condition no chips or cracks, bumper iron still attached on the original mounts. £50









Rear bumper for hatch - good condition apart from a crack on the offside lower section - not hard to fettle - £25







This is the hatch tailgate I have for sale - £40



Clear front indicators - full light units ready to go with rear casings and orange bulbs - these don't show up so often - lovely condition - £50 the pair







Hatchback boot mat in black - good condition could use a detailed clean - £30



Grey dash top - Nice clean condition both sides complete with vents, one tiny crack you'll never notice it once fitted - £40




More to come!!


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Hi, do you still have the rear axle for sale and can you double check the ratio please, how much and where abouts are you for collection if you still got it?

sorry just seen your location at the bottom of your post, not too far, let me know please. Cheers John

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i will have steering wheel where are you

Replied via PM ;o)

Hi, will the drivers side door fit a 76 coupe? And have you any pics of it please? 

Hiya John - the drivers door will fit a '76 coupe - do you have the nodules on for the trim strips? This one doesn't have them but you can easily attach the clips in another way if you need to. Door is a bit buried at the mo but let me know if definitely interested and I'll get you some pics.

Hi, do you still have the rear axle for sale and can you double check the ratio please, how much and where abouts are you for collection if you still got it?

sorry just seen your location at the bottom of your post, not too far, let me know please. Cheers John

Hiya John - yes axle is still available, price is £120 cash collected



I am interested in the two indicator lenses and would like a price.  I was wondering would you have two rubber door seals.  Could you maybe ring  or text me on 07801756222.  I am from Northern Ireland.  


Just txt you peter

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