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Manta A brakes and pedal box advice


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Good evening gents,

Following some epic procrastination, I've got an update on my Manta project: http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/34738-manta-hasnt-ran-for-15-years/

I've actually had all the welding done and a freshly rebuilt C20XE / 5 speed box and other goodies fitted.

A mechanic friend of mine has said he'll do the finishing off work to get it started so I need to ask for a little advice regarding brakes:



The car doesn't have any calipers and I was wondering if any modern(ish) calipers fit...Vectra / Calibra, etc?

Or should I just fork out for a Wilwood Dynalite kit?

The car is running 16" Ronal Turbo wheels.

Also, as I'll be running a cable clutch, is there a specific type of top-mounted pedal box I should buy?

Many thanks for any advice.


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Hey Moonhead

Looking good and with the 16v you have no issues with the brakes (servo wise) any reason for not just using the standard pedals for the A??

The only brakes i know that will fit straight on the front are volvo 240 twin pots, it was a standard brake upgrade on the A's and there are a few options for back discs, i prefer the old ford 4x4 rear calipers and i think BMW 1.8 discs. There will be other options im sure but the ford is an easy fit and uses the same brake cable as the A, you just need to weld on a mounting brackets. If you go wilwood you will need to get some mounting brackets made up. nor sure how AP ones are fitting wise on the A.

Some pics on my blog if you do go the 4x4 read disc route. www.theopelproject.com

Not sure if the standard clutch cable with be long enough for that conversion? but if you do need a longer one give me a shout as i have a good extended one sitting around as im going hydraulic!

Good luck getting it back on the road.


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I went for the volvo 4 pot upgrade on my opel gt,

It has honda vented grooved and drilled front discs and they work great and stop brilliantly. I had to get the centres of the discs drilled out slightly larger but its pretty easy to get done. Also the calipers that are the abs ones have 1 brake line entrance whereas the normal ones have 2. If you get the normal ones you either have to drill through from one piston hole to the other and then block one of the entrance holes or make up some 2 in to 1 adapters from brake pipe and a 2 into 1 fitting. This is what I did.

you should be able to google it though as its a very common upgrade.

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