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How to trace the original registration number of my Coupe?


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Is it possible to trace the original registration number of my '78 Coupe?

I've been informed that it was first registered as a demonstrator by 'Elmsleigh of Enfield' in c.March 1978. It was subsequently allocated a private plate (JBB 77) when the first (private) owner bought the car (in June 1978). The first owner doesnt recall the original registration number. (Curiously the car seems to have been serviced from 1978 to 2006 by 'Squires of Hertford' and subsequently 'Haileybury Motor Works, Hertford Heath')

The car was allocated a standard (UK) plate in 2010 - BLK 167S - when it was sold on to it's second owner - this was the registration on the car when I re-registered it in Ireland.

I have written to the DVLA seeking the car's ownership/plate history, but they stated that they will not release the information "outside the UK mainland".

Is there any other way to locate the original registration number??

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Usually when a private plate is transferred back off a car it gets reallocated it's original plate. This has happened with the three cars that Jayne has had her plate on. Also going back to the early 80s my brother bought a car brand new which was exported to Germany and got a BFPO plate fitted after a few months. When it came back a few years later it was also allocated it's original plate.

LK was an area identifier for London so could well fit as being the original plate.

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