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Big Vented Brake Kit Audi/astra Tarox discs, astra calipers SOLD


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For sale a complete brake conversions for the front of a Manta

The kit consists of new Tar-Ox multi grooved Audi discs modified to fit the manta hub, plus a set of the correct Astra brake calipers in good used condition.



The calipers were removed in a scrapyard last week from a car that had a rear end bump. Car looked to be in frequent use until then, bleed nipples are free, pistons and sliders move freely all dust seals are in good condition. i've cleaned down the fronts and have trimmed the aligning lug for the banjo (required when fitting to the manta). They Include slider caps, banjo bolts and spring clips. You just need pads and then bolt them on, or give them a clean and paint first if you want.

They are a direct bolt on kit and fit under 14" Gt/e wheels. There's plenty of info on the conversion on the site about this kit so no point repeating it here.

I'm after £130 inc delivery to mainland UK


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These calipers were from a mk3 Astra (think it was a 1.6) but the correct calipers were fitted to many vauxhalls across the range.

The problem with saying what model of car the calipers can be found on is that Vauxhall fitted various size brakes to their cars over the years. Mk2 Astra GT/e 16v's all had the same 256mm brakes so were a safe bet to get the calipers from, which is why people refer to them as redtop or 16v calipers. But they are getting old now and you may find a previous owner has changed the brakes to something bigger (or smaller!)

Best way to be sure is find someone selling discs and calipers and get them to measure the discs, you want the calipers from a 256x24mm disc. Or go to your local breakers yard with a tape measure and go check the vauxhall front ends until you find a 256mm disc

Over the years they have been fitted to astra, cavalier, vectra, calibra, and i think even omega models so you should find some in good condition

You can't tell just by looking at them as all the old style ATE calipers look the same but came with 236mm 256mm 284mm 288mm 294mm and 308mm discs on vauxhall models over the years


Satisfaction: Robah beat you to it i'm afraid.

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Just thought I'd add omegas didn't ever come with 256mm vented discs. Pretty sure the smallest they came with was 286mm x 24mm.

Even though mine is a low model 2L its is a late 1998 car so actually has the 296mm x 28mm same as the V6 models.

A question I've always wanted answered but have never gotten around to checking is will the omega calipers and carriers fit the manta hub??? They seem cheap to buy reconditioned.


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Thanks Snowy, i wasn't sure but have seen people listing them for omega, and i know how Vauxhall like putting the wrong bits on cars when they run out of the right part on the production line (Not as much as F*rd do though!)

Omega calipers/carriers do fit but the back of the caliper is so big it hits the suspension spring on full lock before the lockstop is reached, as do some of the other large disc/caliper setups.

Vauxhall calipers up to about 2002 will fit as they all had the same bolt pattern, they changed at Corsa C, Astra mk4, Vectra C etc to a large bolt pattern that doesn't swap.

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