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Front hubs


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Bought this 5 stud conversion kit for the 400 replica:


Went to refit the standard calipers and they are rubbing against the new hub.

Measured old hubs and they are 5.5" diameter, new ones are 6".

Car is a 1982 2.0 SR, so was wondering if the later GT/Es had bigger hubs, meaning I will have to upgrade to GT/E discs and calipers as a minimum?





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 I do not recall  GT/E's having different size hubs.

 refitting the standard calipers to a 400 rep? the poor original brakes are usual the first thing in the bin when doing a conversion ! but there might be enough metal on the caliper to have it machined to remove the metal touching the hub, you only need half the diameter increase, about 7 mm plus a little clearance.

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I was just looking to get the car mobile for now, haven't upgraded an mechanicals as yet, and have now effectively downgraded the brakes, as I fitted a set of sliding calipers instead of the twin pots! Just want to get it rolling under its own steam for now.

Will be looking into possible upgrades next year.

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