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A Series Project

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 The write up say 'nice reg'  then makes no attempt to say what that reg is, yes they perhaps don't want to broadcast it but at least give a clue like spells a name or only 5 characters etc

 ' garaged for over ten years'  means nothing if it has been kept out in the rain for the following thirty, looking at the rust it must have spent a long time exposed to the elements.

 But after saying all this i think this Manta could be a good project, it is complete with a decent looking interior, i have said it before, metal can be welded, paint can be sprayed, engines can be rebuilt but replacing damaged or missing trim can be next to impossible.

Interestingly with two days to run it has a bid of £2100, is this a new high for a project Manta? certainly up's the bar a bit more for Manta values in general.

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