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Question on Brake Calipers and Pads


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Well, I would like to ask for a set of brake calipers and pads.

The calipers are 751 FN 54/24/G with ATE and GM markings and the caliper carrier is ATE 382 2 4256.
The pads are Bendix AS-92 107/10 E1 90R-01098/031 287/21413/18

I have also calipers 57/25, but again I do not know where they come from.

I do not know from which car these are, so if anyone can help. Many thanks in advance.

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Many thanks Beaker for your information. Actually, I was not looking for any parts but for some information on spare parts. So, I found out that the brake calipers "FN3 57/25" come from a Vectra B with 5-stud hubs. For the "FN 54/24/G" did not get any practical information, although I found in the internet that it comes from the Omega B X20XEV. 

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