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1.8e twin 40 manifold


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right lads need some help,I'm building a 2.0l 8v engine and I'm using a mk1 astra gte 1.8e head because it's got bigger inlet valves ,the problem I have is the inlet manifold for the twin 45's came off a 2.0l head and won't fit the 1.8 ,been building the 8v engines for years and never realised there was a difference till tonight when I went to fit the carbs ,does anyone have a manifold the would sell or know where I can get one 

thanks in advance   Brian

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RE performance in bury manchester may have one.

If not go onto mangolesti web site they make them.

You should get the alternator bracket also to lower it down a little

Dellorto carbs are best 34mm chokes fitted.

Use the cam from gte also unless you want ultimate power.

I had this set up in my hatch years ago 

Really good power from low down.

2.0 bottom end with 1.8 head is good also lifts up compression nicely.

As snowey said you could use 2.0 head but will lower compression a little. 

You need the 2.0 se head though not just any head.

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Think I'm sorted now been in toch with dblias they do a kit €220 posted to me ,

rutts ,the higher compression is what I'm doing this for ,that and it should sound good lol

and Im using the gte cam slightly higher lift on the lobes 

but I have the se head if it doesn't work out :)

Engine ready to go back in,carbs refurbished there on a xe manifold 



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