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1980 cavalier sportshatch v8


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I've had this half heartedly for sale for a while but not really wanted to actually sell it, but I've just bought a car I've wanted for many years so I have to free up some space and cash so I'm probably putting this out there for sale.


The car is a 1980 cavalier sports hatch and is fitted with a 3.5 rover v8 and  LT77 5 speed manual gearbox. The conversion was done by a long defunct company and the car laid up for many years before being recommissioned by the previous owner (previous owner is a member on here and has a thread covering this cars recommission). I bought it off him last year as an mot failure and did the work to get it back on the road. Since then it's been used for the odd show/meet/hoon, but mostly sat around doing nothing. 


Good points 

Complete 3.5 v8 conversion (with 5 speed manual gearbox)

14x7 weller mattig steels

Checked manta interior

Stainless exhaust

Most welding done to make solid

Lot of random spare bits and bobs included 



Bad points

Needs bodywork  (passenger A post needs attention, if I was keeping I was cut out and replace drivers side rear arch and bottom of rear quarter). 

Paint is tired

Moat few panels have surface rust but are usable

Passenger wing is battered but a good used one is included but not fitted

Wrong shocks on rear

One of the exhaust manifold holes has stripped it's thread giving a manifold blow on idle (the noise from the exhaust totally overrides this at any other point of the rev range). 

Carbs need setting up

Had inefficient rad fan fitted, I have a twin fan setup to go on it but it would need modifying to fit

Sun roof doesn't luck open



All in all this is a really good base for a project, it's fun to drive and sounds the tits, but does need work to be in any sort of daily driver condition. That said it has done all it has been asked over the last 6 months or so and I will be gutted to see it go, but unfortunately needs must. 


I'm putting g it up for less than it owes me at £1500 simply because I would rather free up some cash and it find a good home, than it sitting on my drive until it falls into rack and ruin. That said I'd rather let it sit there than take silly money for it. I'm selling out of a want, rather than need and I feel that £1500 is cheap as is given that it's an moted, driveable rolling project and probably worth more in bits. 


The car is located in nuneaton  (just outside coventry) 


Please feel free to message me for more details if needed, or my number to chat about the car 


Cheers, Guy. 


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No sorry that's no good to me. I'm not desperate for cash so I won't be giving it away, the only reason I dropped the price so much was because I didn't have the time to sort the jobs I wanted to do to it before selling it. Now I've got some time off for Xmas I have a bit of spare time to play with it. 


When I get a little motivation later I'm gonna take it down my unit and start doing some of the little jobs I haven't had the time to get sorted and I'll be looking at giving it a run on ebay in Feb sort of time. 

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When I get a little motivation later I'm gonna take it down my unit and start doing some of the little jobs I haven't had the time to get sorted and I'll be looking at giving it a run on ebay in Feb sort of time. 

 But by the time you have finnished working on it you will have fell in love with it again and want to get it out on the road yourself !!

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bumped this up on retro rides with a bit of an update so thought I'd do the same on here. 

twin rad fans now fitted and they drop the temp lovely, just needs an appropriate fan switch fitting now as the one in it kicks the fans in a little high (kicks in about 95 and from what ive read these engines like to run below 85). 

new handbrake cable fitted and handbrake is now working as it should 

the recent excessive rain has highlighted a leaking boot lid/window seal. tbh it could probably do with a better boot lid fitting as its getting a bit grotty around the window. 

ive also sorted the stripped thread on the exhaust manifold hole but its still blowing, looks like that mani needs pulling off, cleaning up, new gaskets and resealing. someone seems to of gone crazy with exhaust putty all around the outside of the mani/head join rather than pop it off and seal it up properly. 

it also seems that the inaccurate fuel gauge is due to a dodgy clock voltage stabiliser, this is probably also effecting the temp gauge too. it seems to be a common issue on these cars and is a cheap fix with a part off ebay according to threads on this forum.

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Spotted this for sale when you bought it, you got a bargain, if I had seen it sooner I'd of probably had it back. Loved this car so much, needed a bit of work when I sold it but nothing major, mostly silly little jobs I never got round to. 


I don't know if the last owner sorted it, or at least told you about it but it has the wrong temp switch in the rad, it could do with a cooler one putting in really. If you need to know anything else drop me a message and I'll help out if I can 

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