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2.0 CIH Exhaust Down Pipe Gaskets


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I have managed to source a few Exhaust Down Pipe Gaskets for the 2.0 GTE engine, The ones I have are the thicker multi layered type and are the correct size, not the smaller type which are commonly found on Ebay. These Exhaust Down Pipe Gaskets for the 2.0 GTE engine are a direct fit and do not need cutting or modifiying in any way. The picture below shows both gaskets, the smaller Ebay one on the top. Price per gasket is £5.00 and that is a delivered price (UK ONLY) however if you want more than one I will need to work out a price for postage. I will accept paypal payments either as a gift or if the 4% fee cost is added as paypal will rob that off of me for accepting the money.

The correct sized one which will be supplied is on the bottom of the picture




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8 hours ago, DJacobs said:


i'd like one please; i'm in the London area.


6 hours ago, Snowy said:

Can I take one too.



5 hours ago, Julian said:

And one for me please.

                         Many Thanks.

I am currently working away from home and will not be back until the end of the month if you can wait until then?

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I am back on dry land again and will package up some gaskets ready to send out on Tuesday, for all those that expressed an interest in one PM me and I will then send you the payment details, I should have plenty for all.

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Hi Danny,

I have the payment but there was no address details along with it, I know that you are desperate for the gasket so as soon as I get payment I will post out to you.

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