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Opel Manta Cavalier Coupe rear louvre

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i bid on this, not too far from me and have always fancied one for my 1976 Manta ( Avatar to the left ) nearly bought one in Netherlands two years ago but didn't have the cash on me, IIRC it was selling at 80 Euros.

Was hoping that this close to Christmas no one would have money to spare, i was winning for ages with a maximum of £52, but an hour to go it shot upto £91 so i bailed out knowing where the auction was going, then the last minute it went skyward, winning bid of £124, just shows what we thought of as 'Tat' a few years ago is worth a lot of money now. makes the Dutch one look a bargin.

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Bid on this too, put a bid of £66  and was outbid  - this is going to get silly i thought. I  bid on this cos my 76 coupe had one (my xmas present off my wife in 1982.  Think she paid something like £25  back then!!    £124  was a bit rich for me!!

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