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Free Manta B CC project

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Due to arrival of new car and not having time to fix it, I give away FOR FREE my Opel Manta B CC project. It's a 1982 model with two holes at the front end

Bad bits:

- broken A pillar on driver's side
- floor panel on driver's side is almost gone
- needs both doors replaced
- needs tailgate replaced
- all sorts of rust areas on the car
- engine hasn't been fired since 1990

Good bits:

- has V5(old type), VIN plate and licence plates
- no rust on the rear wheel arches
- needs a small amount of work on chassis legs(has the common problem of rust)
- 99% original including original ATS alloys
- blue interior in a good condition except the door faces(but the interior will need a good wash)

The car stood in a moisty envirorment, so I had to strip the interior and put in in the house in order to dry. So, everything is off the car apart the front end(including engine and transmission)
Come on guys, it's free...

Due to not having time to put pics here, who wants to see pics with her search Puscoci Tudor on Facebook. The photo album is called Kirsty Alexandra. I need it gone 'till new years eve.

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