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problems with manifold LHD engine into RHD car


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Here is the project

bought a RHD Manta B - previous 2,0 auto - but with no engine/box

as i'm living in norway , i just couldnt get my hand on a autobox

so i bought a donor LHD GTE with 2,0 injection

Transfered everything needed and got the engine running

BUT there is no room for the exhaust manifold (fouling the steering)

So i tried to cut and weld the original manifold that came with the injection engine , but no luck - although i have fitted it-  the exhaust just doesnt seem to get out good enough - so the engine doesn't run smooth (backpressure) . Without the manifold the engine runs smooth (tho noisy :) ) .

So here is the Questions (finally ) -

1 is there any difference between the lhd/rhd injection exhaust manifolds  ? ?

2 where can i get a RHD manifold (if anyone have one for sale i could give you a uk adress to send it to if you dont want to be bothered sending it to norway)



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So is it a Centaur Convertible?

yes :)

previously ran with a rover v8 as well.. but i'm taking it back to close to original . this is however my first Opel so don't know all the differences between the models yet -  im more into morris/austin/ford/vauxhall

here it is in as found state


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That's a very rare Manta! I think there were only a bit more than a 100 cars made of.

The double slot nose is not original (it must have a B1 nose), but the rims look great at the car.

I've got the same opinion: keep it original.

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There was a period when two slot noses and plain Cavalier noses where un-available, i have seen a Vauxhall Cavalier MK 1 that had accident damage repairs done in this period and that was fitted with a Four Slot nose, it did look very strange !

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