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Opel manta coupe B series

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-1976 opel manta coupe S

-automatic 3 speed

-62k on the clock

-MOT feb 22nd 2016

-lowered 50-60mm (have original springs that go with the car)

-15" alloys, rota zero, loads of tread on tyres


Good bits

i have ownded PYC for several years now, i can honestly say it has never missed a beat, passed MOT first time every time. It starts well from sitting a few weeks. Autochoke still works!

a good useable classic, even a daily.

drives nice.

Cleans up well and always gets looks of admiration whereever i go in her

has new front bumper fitted and rear is good condition

had nos chrome drivers handle fitted

seats are sun faded but in good condition


bad bits 

she is need of some work.

As can be seen the roof is bubbling (i have a good non sunroof skin that can go with the car).

small patch bottom of rear arch

engine bay needs welding above servo

small hole behind slam panel

The axle has always had a whine fromwhen I bought her fromdave never bothered me and never got any worse

could do with some new front discs and pads imo

original headlights got cracked (i do have metal surrounds still and one good lense), haslater style headlights fitted

door cards need refurbishing, started on one but never finished (have some original wood trim for it  i think)


some pics of all bad areas mentioned and the car overall. Have been very honest about condition as I don't want to decieve anyone.




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Can't believe it hasn't sold still, could be a minter with a bit of time on it. Probably go for more than I can afford but I'm going to be bidding again!

Time of year is the big factor, I sold a cavalier Sportshatch in Jan 2011 & had little interest.

I used to own Paul's car PYC & sold it to him a few years ago, I can confirm its a very solid & original car however as Paul has said it will require a new roof skin (supplied) & a respray when indeed it will look mint.

Early B's are my favourite of the Manta family but it is a fact that more people want a GTE or Exclusive Coupe or a Manta A hence their prices are higher.

Here is my favourite picture of PYC when I owned it & should give you an idea of why you should buy it.


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It looks great, I love that colour.... it's similar to my first Manta NAD 357P which was a manual in blue (with various areas in primer half the time) 


That was why I bought PYC back in March 2011 because it was so similar to my first Manta BYC 284S that I bought back in 1983.


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Best of luck with the sale. Nice to see another original B in circulation.

Did it have a vinyl roof at one stage? It appears that it did based on the older pic of the car.

I wonder why it wasnt replaced? ...owner preferred the metal roof finish...or vinyl not available at the time?

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