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A-series carpet - make or buy?


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Anybody ever make or buy a new set of carpets for their A-series?

There's a crowd selling them on ebay ( http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-Series-A-Carpet-Set-other-car-makes-/262186579655?hash=item3d0b89b6c7:g:WZ4AAOxyeR9TLx9g ), but the price seems a bit good to be true? One of the feedbacks in the sellers profile is for the A-series set, and the buyer said they fitted well "As described Very happy with Opel Manta A Series Carpet Set. Fitted Great. Thanks"...might be worth a go? 

Is there anybody else out there makes them? 

Alternatively, anyone ever buy carpet and make their own?


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I was thinking that. In terms of making one, I can't figure out how you would ever get it into the right shape to go over the transmission tunnel and foot wells. I could see me buying materials and spending ages at it, and it still looking like a pigs ear when I was finished!

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I'm going to be making a carpet for a car of Simon  Peckhams over the next few weeks , it will be tailor made and fit perfectly , the polypropylene versions of carpet are usually crap and wear very badly so mine will be a better quality carpet hence more money than the eBay listed one , it'll have a heal mat and fully bound edges . I'll post pics when it's done if anyone may be interested , he's having me make one because commercially available ones are not very good in his opinion . 

Regards craig 

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