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white manta b in Helensburgh

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I'm in Luss about 10 mins fae helensburgh. It's just that's the first manta I've seen since getting my own and I wouldn't mind I wee gander at some other folks cars. Is there many of us in the central belt?

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I used to work down in Alexandria back in 2011/12 used my manta as my daily back then maybe you saw mine. I must confess I'm not a fully paid up member of the club. I should have done it by now. I haven't met many of the owners other than at bridge of Allan car show a few years ago. There seems to be more over the east side of Scotland. Be nice to meet with over the glasgow way

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Hi Doug, It would have been my Exclusive Coupe, I work in Faslane and was using it as my daily.

Recently sold the Manta but im now using my Ascona B 16v turbo as my daily so you'l see that about doing about 500mph lol.


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Nice one scott m'y dad Had an ascona kind of what got me into this. Havent seen it yet but ill be on the look out. I work down at rhu and sometimes in thé base got the a series back on the road as my daily driver so give us a wave as you fly past

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