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Hi "kids"

New member here from Australia. I have a VL Commodore which as you'd know is based off & therefore similar in may ways to various Opel (et al) models. I would offer some pictures but it is quite literally a bare shell at the moment. Perhaps I'll have some updates later.

Our VL Commodore (again, as you may know) was available with a Nissan (!) SOHC 6cyl 3.0 EFI Turbo motor.

I'm here looking for information and pictures on the various related models (the ones we call "first generation" which here is 1978/9 to 1988) and a few little odds and ends that were either uncommon or not available on our cars.

For interest's sake, here is a picture of my specific model (again, not my actual car!):


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Hey Shifty,

I am from Australia as well.

This forum is more about Mantas (and Asconas / Cavaliers)  specifically rather than Opel's in general, and there's not a lot in common between the Manta and early Commodores.

To be honest the only thing really of interest from Opel for an Australian with an interest in building an early Commodore is the variants on body styles we never got.

Firstly the 2 door estate (Rekord Caravan)


And the 2 door sedan


Can you imagine how cool they would be in Australia with an LSx in them....I would love to do one myself, but good luck finding one.


Then there's obviously the Monza (ie Brock) of which there's a few imported to Australia already


Other than that I cant really see anything else of interest to you in regards to specific parts interchangeability



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Thanks for the info guys. I'll see how I go.... :)

We certainly have rust here, but not to the extent that small countries (ie. never far from the ocean) or those with salted roads do. VLs in particular tend to rust mostly around the front and rear windscreens, and the rear boot (trunk?) seal. All minor issues initially, but if not addressed it can spread and become terminal rather quickly due to proximity to structural areas.

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