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Radio/Stereo blanking/delete/blockoff plate


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Hi "kids"

I actually found this forum whilst looking for the part I need. Rather than coming here to steal your goodies and then sneak off into the night, I thought I'd sign up and join the party (see my intro thread, just completed). Anyway.................

Needed: Blanking/blockoff/delete plate that covers the hole where the factory radio/stereo goes. This was fitted to base-model cars.
How much: One was sold here a short while ago for £10, it's a lot for an old bit of plastic but I guess with age/rarity in mind it's by no means unfair. Happy to pay postage on top of this, although I'm in Australia it will only be a few £ more. Can pay via paypal.
What car: This is tricky. Years/models don't correlate well between countries. Best to use a picture - just needs to be from a Manta/Senator/whatever-you-call-it that has this type of stereo/ashtray/lighter layout. I've put up three pictures to give you an idea.
By the way: I understand that you can get generic ones from ebay but hey while I'm spending the money and going to the trouble I may as well get an original one. I'm also a bit of a weirdo when it comes to using original gear...







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