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Hatch complete rolling shell

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Thought this could be one for you Kevin, Cannock is not extreemly far down the M6 and you must have all the missing bits.

Does depend on the rust situation, it does mention the sunroof and judging by the yellow primer that is one area that has been given attension, if the quality of the repairs is good then this could be a good starting point for someone.

Uncommon colour - Orient Blue which is actually petrol green !

The pictures turned vertical is a problem but i know this can be something that happens, you turn the pictures the right way in your computer, you send them to the post your making, then when you see the post the pictures are back in the original orientation and there is nothing you can do about it !

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21 hours ago, Kevin Abbott said:

No profit in a hatch worth tops 3.5k

There is white hatch for sale currently for £5k, the way Manta Prices are rising at the moment by the time you'd finnished this one it would be worth £7500 !!!

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On 1/17/2016 at 0:23 PM, Kevin Abbott said:

A decent cih engine and box is now about 500 and it's missing a rad 100. airflow, loom and ecu 100. prop 50. wheels need burning for standard ones ( £10 in petrol )

Paint 1-2k

No profit in a hatch worth tops 3.5k

No profit... but maybe for someone who wants one they can keep if the price stays lowish? Seller says they will text me a pic of the sunroof if I send them my mobile number. Will post it if they respond.

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Yes agree it needs a panel...you could try and bog it but it wouldn't last long and would be a right pain to do if it's holed right through. Someone must have been using an autobidder as the winning bid hit right on the second the auction ended! or they have timed it to perfection unlike me with my fat fingers.

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