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Pre pump filter ◎ Manta GTE


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Any one got one of these kicking about, after some research its a wire mesh, pre pump filter, usually fitted to manta GTEs.

Its the bit that doesnt rust!, that means they are plentyful, and worthless!


Wonder why its got a 1910 circa opel logo! Weird!


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I have recently bought one (past 36 months) for my car but for the life of me I can't remember where?

The part no is 09292585, Cat no 8 18 542 and it says it's for Models 1.9E, 2.0E, 58, 90, 80 (All info from Manta Parts Catalogue).

If I find out I will let you know ASAP.

Found this on Dr Manta site Pre Filter 29.00 Euros

And this one on eBay Pre Filter from Leidinger Tuning for 30.95 Euros.

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Thanks ya all, much appreciated. Ok l was an anorak last nite and done a bit of research, on omoc!

These expensive little pieces of plastic with wire gauze inside where only fitted to injection coupe mantas, it seems manta gte hatches wear a little gauze on the fuel sender pickup pipe

Now lve a hatch that, grew from a 1.8s, to xe injection a few yrs back, progress involved finding and fitting a mint injection hatch manta tank! But before this happened, it systematically destroyed pumps, these where used pump, quality unknown, sucking from a 1.8 carb tank.

Now with the correct tank, and a new genuine bosch pump, im trying to iron out gremlins. Do the thing right for once, 

My plan was to fit one of these, pre pump filters in the hope it would protect the expensive bosch pump.

Im thinking, opel had to fit these, as injection coupe tanks would let out bits of dirt, into the pump, maybe opel thought the hatch tank would retain the dirt, ie. shit doesnt float! , and would sink to the bottom. 

It would take no hurt, surely!, to fit this, if only to protect the pump!I must Also remove sender, check for feedpipe hopefully fitted with a clean gauze filter!

Plan is to fit a fuel gauge to the injection rail, and see what pressure is happening. 

Was thinking about fitting something like this 12mm in outlet, between tank and pump or would it need the plastic one linked above 



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