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Valuation required asap manta b gte


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Massively conflicting views on value, but in terms of insurance, it's fair to see what it would cost to buy another currently. There are two nice condition GTE hatches on eBay with an asking price of just under £4000. One's very much sorted work wise, the others a later car with a few things to do. Rougher higher mileage (but drivable MOTd) hatches are anywhere between £1500-£2500. So not knowing what general condition yours is, I think you should tell your insurers that yours is at least worth £3000. I'm sure many fellow 'hatch fans' will agree?

A nearside wing would be fairly easy to find for £50-£75. I hope they get it fixed for you without too much stress. 

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Yes that looks a nice clean hatch and I hope you have some good pictures of it pre accident?

The good thing is you can show the insurers that a nice gte hatch is worth around the 4k mark looking at ebay and what cars have sold for privately recently.

The prices are going up so this should be taken into consideration from the insurers.

Parts to repair I would estimate to be...

 A good wing at £100, good door shell at £100, bumper at £50 

Paint probably in the region of £300

Your local rep should be able to provide a pre accident club valuation

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It's a one owner car before me, full Vauxhall service history 78k, 

garaged since new, 

super rare tan interior, as in a haven't seen another with it, 

needs a wing

bumber brackets are snapped

door is bent

and the wheel is cracked

front indicator lense 

wing repeater lense


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I had it on the ramp yesterday, all seems ok underneath, 

had a 4150 valuation from the insurance, and they reckoned they could repair for £1140. 

I then told him to try and source a new wing, he said he would have to call back as they don't think they can find one

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sorry I had to chuckle at the "dont think they can find one" want to try being on the arse end of the world in New Zealand trying to get parts, anything is possible, they just need to try harder haha


my pick would be to point them in the direction of Anthony Drosos at Opel Parts Greece. may not be the cheapest but he can probably get a new old stock original GM wing.


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Well at least they've given it a more than fair valuation. However, this won't mean that they won't write it off as cat D if they can't easily find parts. Hopefully they'll leave it to a more specialised classic repairer who would look to source parts with effort. They also seem to charge less than most "insurer approved" repairers, who really do just accident repair cars on credit and bill insurance companies month by month.

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If  it was mine and they went near writing it off due to lack of parts I would either:

1) Say I would source the parts via the owners club members at a "reasonable" price and ask them to agree to reimburse you for the parts.

2) Not claim for my car and fix it myself so it is not written off.


But it's not mine and I recommend nothing.  When someone hit mine last I threw the bits in the boot went home changed the rear panel, put spare lights in and didn't claim.


(The annoyance was I had changed the rear quarters and rear panel previously and had a perfect fit on the quarters to exclusive bumper - a quality standard the dealers seem unable to do with most cars having the bumper corner turned out -  until it got rear ended and I could not get it perfect without risking kinking the quarter but that's life)

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So they have been back to me, they are unable to get the parts so, they are giving me £2200, I have had a quote to repair the wing and door and paint the bumper bonnet and whole side. 

Im happy with that because otherwise they wanted to cat d it. 


On 23 January 2016 at 11:01 AM, spiney_norman said:

If you want an indicator lens PM me your address and I'll chuck one in the post on Monday. Or if you want a whole bumper I've got a few lying around, you can have one for free!

Thanks for the offer I will send you a pm

thsnks chrisChris

On 24 January 2016 at 10:25 AM, Exclusive Opel said:

I have the wing indicator lens if you want it for free.

Pm sent

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I think the insurance company have given you a pretty fair valuation (£4154) on a hatch, normally their first offer is crap & you have to negotiate.

I assume your insurance company will be claiming their losses including your excess from the other guy.

Glad to see it wont be cat D'd

When do you hope to have it back on the road ?

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I've finished the car back to a good usable standard, struggled a lot getting the paint to match had to paint whole side, including front bumper, 

I'm  getting married in two days and I needed it for that, 

had the decals dun locally there not quite the same but good enough for the un trained eye, 

will aim to get the other side painted with the rest of the car next winter

made it to my local car meet on Sunday, so I'm chuffed

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