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Mant Berlinetta lights


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Hi hope someone can help?

Car: 1984 opel Manta Berlinetta 1.8 coupe with square headlights with wipers.


Faults:  turn on headlights to position (1) = parking bulbs. Working fine.

Turn to position( 2) Hi beams come on and can't dim to normal driving lights?

Also headight wipers not working?    

And finally rear lights Q all work fine but when I press brake left brake light goes out, is this a bad earth?

Think I need a trip to auto electrician

  Any suggestions?


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For the front light have a look in the passenger footwell on the inside of the A pillar (behind bonnet pull) if you have a black box with wiring going into it, unplug it and see if your lights work now. Its a Dim-Dip module that was fitted to later cars (can't remember when they started that) when it goes iffy all sorts of issues with the headlights appear.

For the rears it does sound like an earth, easy to check yourself on a coupe. There is a brown wire coming off each rear light plug that goes to a ring terminal that is held to the backpanel just bellow the light with a screw. Often screw is loose and you can just nip it up a bit. You might need to swap to a screw with a slightly larger thread if the hole is worn slightly. While doing that its worth giving the ring terminals a quick rub with some sandpaper or a file to clean and put some copper-ease on to help improve the connection. Also worth cleaning the body around the hole to bare steel to get a better connection.

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